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Herb Williams has been in practice over thirty years and has helped thousands of individuals to a new financial beginning.

When your finances spin out of control, the thought of bankruptcy can be overwhelming. But when other avenues for eliminating debt fail to get you back on track, bankruptcy may free you to rebuild your finances, rebuild your credit rating and start over. J. Herbert Williams P.A. is continuously striving to offer the best legal representation; achieving success through understanding your specific issues.

J. Herbert Williams Ocala FL

We are here to help you with all your Bankruptcy Attorney needs, whether that solution lies in a straight forward Chapter 7,

or in a Chapter 13, should the issues in your case be more complex.

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— J. Herbert Williams, P.A.

J. Herbert Williams Ocala FL

Filing Bankruptcy can provide you with many benefits. Including:

  • Eliminating the legal obligation to repay most or all of your debts

  • Stopping creditor harassment and allowing you to regain your peace of mind

  • Allowing you to recover your dignity and rebuild your financial life

  • Stopping foreclosure on your home or mobile home and allowing you an opportunity to catch up on missed payments

  • Stopping wage garnishment or bank account attachment